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April 19th, 2013 in Fan Art

Bender Woodstove


If there was a production version of this I would probably buy it. Created by Rob Halftroll, this Bender stove can cook almost anything! If you ever wanted to have Bender at one of your parties I think this is about as close as you are going to get to it. A labor of love this one of a kind piece is will make all of your friends jealous, I know I want one right now!! There are more pics after the break…

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April 6th, 2013 in Best Of Futurama, Fan Art

Futurama Adventure Time Crossover

Is there anything that makes more sense? I am not so sure that there is. Thanks to Spencer Duffy for creating such wonderful art work. Quite whimsical and magical, captures the spirit of both so flawlessly. There are some more drawings after the break featuring the whole gang. I think my favorite has to be Hermes with the Brain Slug :)

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March 26th, 2013 in Professor Farnsworth

Stuffurama - Futurama Professor Farnsworth

Professor Farnsworth is a staple of the Futurama series, you would think that with his age he might just take a back seat once in a while to avoid all the crazy missions that the crew goes on. Nope, not this guy even when he tries to avoid the danger he gets sucked right into it, let’s explore a bit more in depth the crazy adventures this old man has gone on

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March 20th, 2013 in New Season


Futurama is back! Look at all the cameos! Is that the little poplar, Lrrr? Looks to be a really fun season, did you guys catch anything else that is of interest?

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March 20th, 2013 in Jurassic Bark

Stuffurama - Jurassic Bark - Panucci's Pizza

Jurassic Bark is arguably the saddest Futurama episode although my vote often goes to “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings”. Regardless of your pick it is a testament to what a carton can be, that a cartoon can be a real story telling medium, in a world that isn’t grounded in that much reality. It shows that the human experience can cross into any boundary and is something that can be expressed in a variety of mediums.

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March 14th, 2013 in Futurama Action Figures

Stuffurama - Toynami and Tineez Futurama Toys

One of the best parts about Comedy Central bringing back Futurama has been the new action figures that have come out. And while it seems the standard action figures have started to come out less frequently this has not meant that new great products are not coming out. Here are 3 great Futurama products that are coming out over the next 2 months.

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March 6th, 2013 in Best Of Futurama

Stuffurama - Meme Best Futurama Inventions

The future, we have all dreamt of it. What it will be, what it can bring, and even what it will look like. Lucky for us we can stop all that nonsense right now because Futurama has done it for us (and don’t we love having people do stuff for us?) I want you all to follow me as we glimpse into the future and look at some of the best inventions that Futurama has given to us, from the weird, to the useful to the weirdly useful.

WARNING: Said inventions may not actually exist yet.

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February 26th, 2013 in Philosophy

Futurama Logo Tranhumanism

PBS put out a really interesting video this week on their Idea Channel called “Is Futurama The Best Argument Against Transhumanism?” What is tranhumanism you ask?  ”Good news, everyone”, I am going to answer that for you right now. After the page break of course…

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